Uniplast takes pride in being a premier manufacturer of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)
Trust Uniplast to deliver FIBCs that align seamlessly with your distinct needs, providing reliable solutions on a global scale.


FIBC types

Industries we serve: Food, Hazardous materials, Building materials, Aggregate, Chemicals, Mineral and Agricultural Products.

U+2 Panel BagThe most common bag used, it is made up of a U shaped fabric and 2 sides are sewn into it.
4-Panel BagThe 4-panel bag consists of 4 sides sewn into each other.
Circular BagConstructed using a single tubular piece of fabric, it wraps around to form all sides of the bag
Baffle BagHas fabric sewn across corners to improve squareness, stability, appearance, and space eff.
Ventilated BagA Ventilated FIBC Bag has air vents in its woven fabric to promote airflow, prevent moisture buildup.
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Customize Your Own Bag

Our Construction Types

We have a variety of different top, bottom, and loop construction options guaranteed to fit your needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call and let’s chat about our custom options.

Top Construction

Open Top: Standard bulk bag construction with an open top,
Duffle Top:
Lightweight top panel to provide better filling options and also a closure.
Spout Top (w/flap):
Cylindrical spout sewn on the top panel of the bag.

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Loop Construction

Corner Loop: Each loop is sewn into the seams in the corners of the bag.
Cross Corner: Each loop is sewn into one side of the FIBC.
Double Stevedore: Two straps put through each set of lift loops to allow easy moving by forklift.
When dealing with different products and materials that span the globe, there are bound to be many different construction options that are needed for each specific application. That is why we offer a wide array of options when it comes to how our bags our built.

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Bottom Construction

Plain Bottom: Standard bottom construction with no means of discharge.
Discharge Spout:
Standard discharge spout for easy removal of bags contents.
Discharge Spout with flap:
Standard discharge spout for easy removal of bags contents with an additional flap for extra coverage.
Duffle Bottom:
Lightweight bottom panel that provides quick and easy discharge of bags contents.

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UNIPLAST products are endowed with the highest level of specificity across all domains, below is a snippet of that

+ Capacity

-From 500 to 2000 KG

+ Certificates

-ISO 22000
-ISO 45001
-ISO 9001
-ISO 14001
-FSSC 22000

+ Security Factor

-5:1 Single Trip
-6:1 Standard Duty

+ Accessories

-Customized printed logo up to 4 sides/4 colors
-Dustproof seams
-Food grade liners

+ Fabric Dimensions

-Fabric weight: 160-240 gr/m2
-Minimum weight of coating: 15 gr/m2

+ Type of Fabric

-Flat standard
-Flat coated
-Coloured fabric
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