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Uniplast, a leader since 2005, excels in crafting top-notch technical textiles, using %100 virgin polypropylene, focusing on woven sacks and FIBCs.
As pioneers in the field, we continue to lead, weaving success into every product to meet evolving needs with enduring excellence.

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Trusted By The Best

We're safety accredited for the food and chemical industries, and powered by state-of-the-art machinery

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What we're about

Let our experience work for you!


Our vision is not only to meet the demands of today's dynamic market but to anticipate and shape the needs of tomorrow. As a beacon of Egyptian ingenuity, we strive to be a leading exporter, contributing to the growth of our nation while leaving a lasting positive impact on the global textile landscape.


We are dedicated to producing high-quality, customized textile solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our global clients. Committed to the highest standards of manufacturing, we leverage state-of-the-art technology and a skilled workforce to deliver products that exceed expectations.


We employ cutting-edge technologies and materials that prioritize resource efficiency, minimizing waste and environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process. Our dedication to sustainability extends to the selection of raw materials, with a focus on eco-friendly alternatives and recyclable materials to create products with a reduced carbon footprint

The Story Of Our Star-Studded Process

Told In Pictures...

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Frequently asked questions answered

What is our lead time for bags?

Our normal lead time is 4-5 days

What is our minimum order quantity?

Being a fully integrated plant, we accept innumerable small orders.
Shipments are subject to full container loads unless the buyers accepts LCL

What is the lead time for samples?

Within 4-7 business days depending on the availability of the fabric

How long till you get a quote?

1-2 working days

What is the max capacity of our jumbo bags?

Our most commonly bought jumbo bags have a capacity of 500-2000 KG

What are the uses of a jumbo bag?

Jumbo bags are used to transport heavy and bulk materials

Are jumbo bags recycleable?

Our FIBC jumbo bags are made with %100 woven virgin polypropylene thread. Since they're plastic, they are fully recyclable!
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